Bitcoiners in Paradise Recap

Happy Friday Bitcoiners! We had a fun, successful first event with last week - Bitcoiners in Paradise. The full video is below if you missed it. Mark your calendars for the next event - July 28th with Isaiah Jackson speaking on Why Kids Need Bitcoin. See you tomorrow at our social, Saturday Sats!


In addition, El Salvador is giving every adult citizen $30 worth of bitcoin. Here's another video of him explaining how bitcoin works to the entire nation.

MicroStrategy Owns More than a Half a Percent of Total Bitcoin Supply

Bitcoin hashrate drops by nearly 50% following China's mining crackdown

Custodian Prime Trust Cuts Ties with Celsius

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Saturday Sats

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Why Kids Need Bitcoin w/ Isaiah Jackson

This is how easy and simple it is to send a Bitcoin payment in El Salvador. It really feels like magic internet money.

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