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HODLween Bitcoin Party 2023

Saturday Sats

Bitcoin Charlotte Workshop

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Bitcoin Charlotte Workshop - Cold Storage Multisig
Bitcoin Charlotte Workshop - BTCPay Server
Bitcoin Charlotte Workshop - Nostr (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays)
Bitcoin Charlotte Workshop - Privacy, Non-KYC Bitcoin and Coin Control
Bitcoin Charlotte 2023 Holiday Party + Gift Exchange
HODLween Bitcoin Party
Bitcoin Charlotte Knights Game Meetup
Bitcoin Day
Sidd the #BitcoinTour Harley Rider Happy Hour!
Bitcoin for Businesses
Holiday Party + Gift Exchange
Saturday Sats
Volunteer at Operation Christmas Child
HODLween Bitcoin Party
Bitcoin Charlotte Knights Game Meetup
What is Money? w/ David Seroy
Why Kids Need Bitcoin w/ Isaiah Jackson
Bitcoiners in Paradise!
Lightning Network 101
Saifedean Ammous author of The Bitcoin Standard
Jimmy Song

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Bitcoin Charlotte is a local Bitcoin community founded in 2013. With 2000+ members and growing, Bitcoin Charlotte hosts in-person socials, networking events and workshops to educate the community about all things Bitcoin. Our mission is to spread knowledge to liberate individuals and businesses from financial dependence on banks and governments by leveraging the most superior money in history - Bitcoin.

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